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I am the Alpha and the Omega, says the Lord God, who is and who was and who is to come, the Almighty.
- Revelation 1:8


The Rule of Saint Albert and the Risen One:

In his Rule of life written for the Carmelites sometime before the year 1214, St. Albert of Jerusalem gives them, in effect, a formula for awaiting the Risen One, present among them already and yet to come.  Living in the land hallowed by Jesus’ living, dying, and rising, the Carmelites were urged, like Mary Magdalene, to seek Him early each morning in the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass (Rule 14); to perceive Him in each other as, like the Apostles, they gather each Sunday for fraternal support (Rule 15); to ruminate on His Word (Rule 10) so that it abounds in their mouths and hearts and is their defense in spiritual battle (Rule 19); to hear His voice in their leader (Rule 23); and to await His return with vigilant longing (Rule 24).

For Carmelites, whose roots and hearts are bound to the land of Christ’s passion and glorification, the Rule of St. Albert calls them daily to live in allegiance to the One Who rose from the dead, destroying death and bringing us eternal life (Rule 2).  St. Augustine calls Christians an “Easter people”; a fortiori can Carmelites be called a “Resurrection people”.

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