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Behold, I am the handmaid of the Lord; let it be to me according to your word.
- Luke 1:38

Step 1: Contact the Carmelites of Mary Ever Virgin. Through conversation, correspondence, and visits with the Sisters, the candidate and the community together discern her vocation.

Step 2: Aspirancy, a 4-6 week period of total immersion within the community. The candidate's first-hand experience aids her vocational discernment. After reflecting on her experience, she may apply to enter the community as a postulant.

Step 3: Postulancy, 1 year. The postulant learns the rhythm of Carmelite monastic life, its unique characteristics and its observances. She acquires foundational skills of sacred reading, Gregorian chant and manual labor.

Step 4: Novitiate, 2 years. The novice receives the Carmelite habit, a white veil and a new religious name. In preparation for profession, her studies focus on religious consecration and the vows, the Carmelite tradition, and spiritual theology.

Step 5: First profession, 4 years minimum. The Sister pronounces temporary vows and makes profession, receiving a black veil. In her studies she delves more deeply into the Tradition and into theology: spiritual, biblical, and dogmatic. She is given more responsibility in the life and work of the community.

Step 6: Final profession. The Sister pronounces final vows and makes profession for life. She thus becomes a full member of the community. But her formation does not end. Through ongoing studies and receptivity to the Word of God, through an ever-deepening life of prayer and of perseverance in regular observance, the Sister becomes more and more perfectly conformed to Jesus Christ her Lord.